Recently, we’ve been engaged to install orchids for the mobile glass house orchid garden @ Raffles Place right outside the Raffles MRT Station exit. The mobile glass house orchid garden will showcase some 25+ different types of tropical orchids cultivated locally from our nursery. Varieties includes Aranda, AscocendaDendrobium, Epidendrum, Mokara, Oncidium, RenantheraVanda etc. Every plant displayed is an orchid including the foliage covers which consist primarily of Epidendrums. =) There will also be orchid talks at lunch time by Alice from Spider Orchids and an Orchid Man mascot roaming around the vicinity.


Visitors who purchase tickets for WOC at the orchid glass house stands to participate in a lucky draw to win more prizes. The display will end on the 28th Oct 2011.

Below are some pictures preparatory work in our nursery and the actual installation @ Raffles Place taken both at night and during the day.

The Orchid Garden Glass House was made possible with the support of various partners including The Shelter Company represented by The Gorillas Inc., Candy Floriculture, Mill Sterling and coordination by the National Parks Board. Visitors to the Orchid Garden Glass House will also stand a chance to win prizes sponsored by Guerlain and The Singapore Shawl Pte Ltd.

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