The Singapore Garden Festival this year was just as spectacular. The theme this year was based on fantasy. Props and characters from fairy tales can be easily spotted at the entrance of both Level 4 and 6 of the exhibition halls. I particularly like the Floral Kaleidoscope on Level 6 this year!

This year, Toh Garden has been appointed to supply and install orchids plants and foliage, in collaboration with Toh Orchids, for the Orchids Business Cluster (15sqm display) at the Singapore Garden Festival 2012.

Aside from the complimentary foliages provided for the display by the NPARKS/OSSEA, we used a combination of common foliage and orchids produced recently in our nursery, est. 200 Bird Nest Ferns that spawned spontaneously from our orchid nursery racks, est. 150 pots of Epidendrum ibaguense for ground cover, 5 Renanstylis Teo Choo Hong for the individual lamps (2 which went missing the 2nd day, hm..), 5 Dendrobium Jaihan, 5 Dendrobium Aung Cheng hybrid and a new hybrid of Dendrobiums.

Housed within the bamboo and wickered baskets are Vandoritis Hao Xiang Ni, Dendrobium Bon, Dendrobium Tay Swee Keng, Dendrobium Airey Peach, Dendrobium Burana Jade x Dendrobium Hiang Beauty, a new hybrid of Epidendrum and a generous cascade of Dendrobium orchid roots, extracted and recycled from our old Dendrobium plants. Our hanging wickered baskets consisted of Mokara Jasso’s Pride “Moonlight”, Ascocenda Fuchs Sunglow, Vanda Ms Joaquim hybrids, Dendrobium Madam Udomsri hybrid, Ascocenda Tubtim Velvet x Vascostylis Five Friendships, Dendrobium biggibum hybrid, white Epidendrums and a straw hat wittily left behind by one of our worker.

It came as a pleasant surprise for us when four awards (Best Display 15sqm – Straits Times Press Challenge Cup, Reserve Champion Display, 1st in Open Displays – Class 2 by OSSEA and Silver Medal by OSSEA) were planted onto the display after judging. =D

*This entry was backdated.

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