Here’s an interesting and weird sci-fi kind of mutation as I would have described it. I came across this a couple of months ago but it slipped my mind until recently when it was brought up by recent visitors as it flowered again. This is a Dendrobium Shavin White mutation. Notice how gruesome the flowers of this mutation looks. Each flower has 2 more flowers protruding out of the stigmatic region, and another 2 more buds protruding from the 2nd tier of flowers. These 3rd tier of buds only appears on some of the flowers but most actually aborts even before they grow into mature buds. The weight of the 3rd tier is probably too much for the 1st tier of flower to bear and support.

Following, here’s another interesting mutation discovered by one of our worker. Notice that there are two colours of this orchid coming out from the same pot? The psuedobulbs of the two orchids are of the same genetics, grown under the same environment (in the same pot, nursery space, provided with similar amount of fertilizers) and yet produces flowers of different colours. The psuedobulbs of the two are sprouted from a single plantlet that was grown in the pot about a year back and yet they produced flowers of two different colours. This is probably due to a case of unstable genetics.

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