For those who have been wondering and asking us, yes our orchid family just appeared on media recently! Our family has been producing orchids in Singapore for more than half a century. The recent film documentary below is sort of a continuation from the documentary filmed 20 years ago. It is an honour to be filmed and appreciated for the orchids produced by our family farms. We would like to thank everyone from MediaCorp especially John, Tony, GuekLay and team for their all their efforts in making this documentary a success. Thank you everyone else for the support! =)

Old Japanese clients transversing Singapore shores in search of orchids in the 80s
Old Japanese clients transversing Singapore shores in search of orchids in the 80s

Dendrobium Lucian Pink is the trademark orchid of our family, known by many in the floral trade, and probably the most exported Dendrobium cut orchid out of Singapore during the hay days. Dendrobium Lucian Pink was a hot favourite especially among Japanese clients who traverse our shores in the early days having heard wisp of news of a new pastel pink Dendrobium being created and produced in Singapore. Back then, all our local farms in Singapore produces only Dendrobium Lucian Pink. Each and every stalk of orchids produced were immediately snapped up by the Japanese, European and Australian and U.S. markets.

We’ve gotten a few inquiries regarding the purchase of Dendrobium Lucian Pink and Dendrobium Lucian Pink “Splash”. Yes, both orchids are available at our farms (of course). They can be ordered, either via our online giftshop, or directly purchased at our farms. =)

Please note that we will be closed on the 8th and 9th Feb 2016 and resumes on 10th Feb 2016.

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