Alocasia zebrina

Tropical evergreen perennial houseplant Alocasia zebrina has large glossy green arrowhead leaves with zebra-like patterns on the stems. Alocasia zebrina Tiger, sometimes known as the Alocasia Leopard, has long arching spotted stalks with intriguing patterns. Fast-growing over the summer, it reaches heights of three feet and a width of three feet. Leaves can be developed every two weeks if the conditions are ideal for them to flourish. In humid circumstances, these plants are found on the forest floor.


They favor indirect light, but they need it to be bright.  If they don’t get enough sunlight, their stalks will grow overly tall in an effort to get closer to the sun. When watering, it’s a good idea to rotate the plant by a quarter turn every time to avoid it leaning toward the sun. Leaves can become scorched if exposed to direct sunlight for an extended amount of time.


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