Jatropha multifida

Coral plant, also known as Jatropha multifida, is a single-trunked evergreen shrub or small tree native to Mexico, Central America, and Brazil. It is now grown as an ornamental shrub in tropical and subtropical places around the world, with huge, lobed and split orbicular leaves and a long showy display of coral-red flowers. It normally grows to a height of 6-10 feet in gardens, but in ideal conditions, it can reach a height of 15-20 feet. 



Jatropha mutifida prefers fertile, well-drained soil. However, it prefers full light and regular watering. In cool zones, pot the specimen in a large container with grit. Plants may tolerate rocky or sandy soil. Winter watering for container plants is advised. The plant self-seeds and cuttings can also be utilized to reproduce. Pruning is essential to keep the plant’s habit and heal stem damage. It is resistant to insects and disease. Plants that are too wet or have mud on their leaves can develop root rot or leaf spot. The prolonged feeding of pests like aphids, mealybugs, and scale can weaken plants and damage the leaves. 



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