Coleus “Red”

Paint your plants with burning colors of red, make spaces extra hot with these Coleus Red. Easy-to-grow Coleus are no longer merely for the shade. The vast availability of heat and sun-tolerant types makes them a popular option for many places, and their bold and gorgeous leaf makes them the focus of attention no matter where they are planted. In spite of the fact that coleus is technically an evergreen perennial, they are commonly planted as annuals due to their delicate tropical nature.


Coleus seeds should be started indoors 8 to 12 weeks before the latest frost date in your area. After the risk of frost has gone and the soil has warmed to at least 60 degrees, transplants can be planted. Coleus plants can be damaged by frost at any level. This can have a significant influence on the size and color of the plant’s leaves. A position with early light and partial afternoon shade provide the greatest leaf color. More sunlight may be tolerated by darker-leaved cultivars compared to plants with lighter leaves. In addition, its semi-succulent stems are prone to shattering in windy areas.


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