Peace Lily in Marble Pot

A flower can say it better. Peace lilies are evergreen tropical plants that flourish in dappled sunlight and regular moisture on the forest floor. The secret to getting your peace lily to be happy and healthy is to replicate similar circumstances at home. Peace lilies produce white to off-white flowers starting in early summer and flowering throughout the year if given ample light. Most peace lily variations reach a height of 16 inches in the home, but bigger outdoor cultivars can reach a height of 6 feet. Because peace lilies are not cold-hardy, they may only be grown outside in hot, humid areas.


Peace lilies grow in shade or partial shade, making them ideal for low-light areas. Also, peace lilies can survive fluorescent lighting, so they are a wonderful choice for an office plant. Peace flowers prefer temperatures between 65 and 80°F. Protect your plant from chilly breezes and temperature swings. So, don’t put yours beside a cold-weather door. Peace lilies like to be watered frequently, but they also need to dry out. The plant will droop when it is thirsty. If you know when it regularly starts to sag, you can water one day ahead of time. The peace lily needs weekly watering and spritzing with water during the summer. Don’t give up if your plant appears to be dying – water and spritz it to revive it. When using chlorinated water, let a container sit overnight before watering the plant.


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