Rattan Self-Watering Pot


  • TB 06 : White : 22cmW x 22cmL x 19cmH
  • TB 06 : Coffee : 22cmW x 22cmL x 19cmH

Elegantly designed pot to suit modern interiors. Rattan series self-watering planter with hidden wheels. Portable, easy to move around. Hidden handles to easily remove planter box from water reservoir for easy maintenance. Easy to fill self-watering mechanism, with water indicator to see the water level. Material: Fibreglass plastic. Light-weight. Waterproof. Sturdy. Durable. Planter space is 1/3 of the total planter height. 2/3 is for the water reservoir.


With self-watering pots, you need to thoroughly water the potting soil from the top at planting. Then, as the plants release water from their leaves, more water is drawn up by capillary action from the plant roots to replace it.

The water that’s absorbed from the soil by the roots is likewise constantly replaced by capillary action within the soil, being fed from the reservoir by the capillary action of the wicking system at the bottom. With the proper potting mixture and wicking mechanism, the soil remains consistently moist but not overly wet.


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White, Coffee


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