Tillandsia scheideana “minor”

Mexico, Central America, the West Indies, Venezuela, and Colombia are all home to Tillandsia schiedeana. From the sea level up to a height of 1750 meters above sea level, it thrives in open tropical woods and on cacti and bursera species on steep, dry slopes in semi-arid environments. The lengthy and thick spike of this air plant blooms from a simple, generally distichous inflorescence.


A sufficient amount of light is needed to grow Tillandsia schiedeana well. It is not a fan of the sun’s glare, especially when the air is dry. During the warmer months, cultivate it in half-shade. The ideal temperature is 10 to 32°C. Do it early enough in the fall to avoid temperatures below 4 or 5 degrees Fahrenheit at night, especially if damp. For a few hours, the plants can withstand temperatures as low as 0°C (sheltered and dry) without harm.


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