Fragrant Orchids in the heat

Fragrant orchids like the Vanda Mimi Palmer x Vanda tessellata hybrids has been in bloom in our nursery for two weeks now. Compared to previously cultivated Vanda Mimi Palmer and Vanda tessellata, these new hybrids have brighter colours and a shiny textured flowers. These fragrant orchids also emit a strong jasmine fragrance, like the parent plants, in the morning till late noon.

Up next is the Hoya imperialis is one of the largest flowering variety of the Hoya family. This creeper requires little maintenance and grows very vigorously in our climate. Its flowers are spectacularly large, antique mauve in colour and forms a semi-circle cluster as shown in the picture. Though Hoya imperialis flowers throughout the year in Singapore’s climate, during peak flowering season, the Hoya imperialis flowers look just like clump of grapes hanging off its vines.

Whew, the weather’s been seriously hot this month!

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  1. Thanks for sharing, it’s always enjoyable reading your post. I currently have a flowering pot of purple Dendrobium, its emitting a very faint fragrance too. Could you recommend some orchids with fragrance for sale in your shop or is the above hybrid for sale?

  2. Hihi M M Loh,

    Thank you for your compliment!
    Yes, the above hybrid is available for sales at our nursery. There’s still a few late bloomers with about 50% flowers open but not as much flowers as last month. =)


  3. Hi,
    Do you have the following orchids for sale?

    Vanda Mimi Palmer
    Dendrobium thyrsiflorum (the orchid with yellow in middle)
    orchid rhynchostylis gigantea alba
    orchid rhynchostylis gigantea Red
    orchid rhynchostylis gigantea spot

    the cost too..please
    Thanks for the help.

  4. Hi Rajesh,

    Kindly send enquiries to [email protected]
    Thank you.


  5. Hi,

    Looking for orchids in flakes at this time of the year. Would like to know what is available and the price?

  6. Hi Teresa,

    Kindly refer to
    Its been a while and we will be updating our products again soon. =)


  7. hi, i am looking for (1) V mimi palmer x V tessellata & (2) V mimi palmer x V insignis.

    Are they available now?

    Thank you.

  8. Hello Silverelf,

    I just stopped by the Toh Garden Nursery and bought 10 fragrant Vanda without any ID or labels for which the persons who sold me told me that you or the person that knows the orchids is overseas and I could just contact you or someone that will help giving me the ID as I will start collecting the Vanda orchids from now on and their IDs are important.

    If I took pictures of the blooming flowers and the whole plants, can you ID them for me?



  9. Hi, I can’t seems to find Vanda Mimi Palmer x Vanda tessellata under the gift shop catalogue. Is it still available? Can purchase be done via walk-in or only pre-order? Thank you.

  10. Hi John,

    Most of these nice fragrant orchids are sold out already, however we do always have a few hiding somewhere in our nursery. 😉
    At the moment, we have more new hybrids of V. Mimi Palmer, do check them out.


  11. Hi Melvin,

    Most of this hobby orchid is already sold out.
    However, we do have a few hiding around our nursery. =)
    It seems many are requesting for this hobby orchid.
    Yes, that’s a good idea, we will consider opening up a pre-order page for these special hobby orchids.


  12. Hi Tash,

    We’ve gotten your email.
    Will reply you shortly with the names of orchid pictures you’ve purchased.
    Thank you for your patronage.


  13. Do you have Mimi Palmer in flask of 25 seedlings for shipping to the USA? Also how much is the shipping costs?

    Thank you.

  14. Hi Phin,

    Apologies we do not have flasks for Mimi Palmer at the moment.
    Thank you.


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