Fragrant orchids like the Vanda Mimi Palmer x Vanda tessellata hybrids has been in bloom in our nursery for two weeks now. Compared to previously cultivated Vanda Mimi Palmer and Vanda tessellata, these new hybrids have brighter colours and a shiny textured flowers. These fragrant orchids also emit a strong jasmine fragrance, like the parent plants, in the morning till late noon.

Up next is the Hoya imperialis is one of the largest flowering variety of the Hoya family. This creeper requires little maintenance and grows very vigorously in our climate. Its flowers are spectacularly large, antique mauve in colour and forms a semi-circle cluster as shown in the picture. Though Hoya imperialis flowers throughout the year in Singapore’s climate, during peak flowering season, the Hoya imperialis flowers look just like clump of grapes hanging off its vines.

Whew, the weather’s been seriously hot this month!

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