Tillandsia has an uncanny resemblance to sea urchins, and sea anemones especially when they are in flower, but they are actually live plants from the Bromeliaceae family. Tillandsia are originally found in forest, mountains of Central/South America and West Indies. In some places, they can be seen to be growing on hanging wires. So fancy growing some sea urchins and anemones at home? 😆

Just like orchids, Tillandsias are ephiphytes. Most Tillandsias do not require any media to grow (thus the layman name “Air Plant”) but some do grow in soil and some (usneoides aka “Spanish Moss”) doesn’t even have roots at all and thrives entirely on air moisture and nutrients absorbed through its through well developed trichomes. They are excellent scavengers for nutrients and thus very hardy plants that requires minimal care. Only partial sunlight is required for growing them, thus by hanging them up along window still and balcony will provide them with sufficient lighting and good air flow. A clump of Tillandsia can be split up into individual pups which will gradually grow back into natural clumps over time. After flowering, the pups will dry out and die, and in place, numerous young pups will grow in its wake.


More varieties of the Tillandsia are flowering! Easy to grow and easier to flower! =X

Tillandsia ionantha
Tillandsia ionantha

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