Tillandsia / Air Plant

Tillandsia has an uncanny resemblance to sea urchins, and sea anemones especially when they are in flower, but they are actually live plants from the Bromeliaceae family. Tillandsia are originally found in forest, mountains of Central/South America and West Indies. In some places, they can be seen to be growing on hanging wires. So fancy growing some sea urchins and anemones at home? 😆

Just like orchids, Tillandsias are ephiphytes. Most Tillandsias do not require any media to grow (thus the layman name “Air Plant”) but some do grow in soil and some (usneoides aka “Spanish Moss”) doesn’t even have roots at all and thrives entirely on air moisture and nutrients absorbed through its through well developed trichomes. They are excellent scavengers for nutrients and thus very hardy plants that requires minimal care. Only partial sunlight is required for growing them, thus by hanging them up along window still and balcony will provide them with sufficient lighting and good air flow. A clump of Tillandsia can be split up into individual pups which will gradually grow back into natural clumps over time. After flowering, the pups will dry out and die, and in place, numerous young pups will grow in its wake.


More varieties of the Tillandsia are flowering! Easy to grow and easier to flower! =X

Tillandsia ionantha

Tillandsia ionantha

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  1. Hi, may I know if it is possible to purchase your tillandsia from anywhere else than the Choa Chu Kang location? Or do we have to go there? Thanks much! 🙂

  2. Hihi pony,

    Where are you located so that I can better advise?
    You may also order online for them to be delivered to your home.


  3. Hi silverelf,

    Sorry for the late response! I just realised that I didn’t select the email update alert option and so all along I mistakenly thought that you hadn’t replied! Sorry!

    I live in Queenstown. If we make an online purchase, is there a minimum order/set delivery charge?

    We don’t drive, so getting around the Choa Chu Kang areas is a little daunting. 🙂

    Thank you for your help! 🙂

  4. Hihi weirdlittlepony,

    Not to worry. I am not exactly that speedy in correspondence too, sorry about that ^_^”
    Yes, there’s minimal order of $100. Delivery fee is $25.
    Free delivery for purchases above $200.

    By the way, we will be updating more new Tillandsias soon.
    About 10 more varieties, so do stay in tune. =)


  5. Hi Silverelf,

    May i know how big is the tillandsia flexuosa? Still in stock? Can I buy only this T.flexuosa deliver to Tampines? How do I go there by public transport (bus)?


  6. Hi Masnawi,

    Yes, it is possible to buy this T. flexuosa for delivery to your residence. We have clump sized T. flexuosa at the moment too. Email us at [email protected] and we will drop you some pictures with sizes for references.


  7. Hi Silverelf,

    I’m interested in Tillandsia xerographica “Jumbo”. Is it still available, if yes, at what price ?


  8. Dear Terence,

    Yes, but more options will be available if you visit us next weekend. Price for Jumbo size will be $150.

    Thank you.


  9. Hi Silverelf, Is it possible to buy only one Tillandsia glass ball if I go down to your store instead of having to purchase at least $100 worth of plants before I can check out from the online store?

  10. Hi Lisa,

    Yes you can visit our farm directly. There are 3 sizes available. S – $5, M – $10, L -$15. =)


  11. Can i visit your airplant farm? What is the address?

  12. Hi Tan,

    Yes, you may visit us.

    We are primarily an orchid nursery but we produce tropical airplant as well.


  13. Hi, I just bought 5 tillandsia from your nursery today. I did not manage to get all the 5 names from the owner’s father. He told me that his son will know the names of the plant. can i send the pictures to you and you identify them for me. thanks.

  14. can i have your email address so that i can send you pic of the tillandsia i want to buy in your garden.

  15. Hi Helen,

    Kindly send your pictures to [email protected] for ID.


  16. Hi Helen,

    Please email us directly at [email protected]


  17. […] Toh Garden (Farm) Location: 11 Lorong Pasu, 699191 Products: Air Plants Highlights: Offered a great varieties of airplanes to choose from. You may find some exotic ones as well Web: https://tohgarden.com/others/tillandsia-air-plant/ […]

  18. hi silverelf,Can i visit your airplant farm tml ?

  19. Hi Jon,

    Apologies for the belated reply.
    Yes, we are open to public during operating hours.
    Just drop by for a visit next time =)


  20. hi , do you also sell decorative glass containers for air plants?

  21. Dear Sunit,

    Yes, we have glass ball type of glass containers with metallic stands for airplants.


  22. Ho ho ho merry christmas and good morning,

    Pls provide me your farm address and its location. I am a keen air plant collector and do pls update me your latest air plants at your farm.

    Thank you

  23. hi
    how to help the fasciculata to fully bloom ? the flower buds remains no change since I bought from your farm about 1 to 2 weeks ago. and what is the best place to put the plant ? can I spray on the flowers? thanks

  24. Hi Mr Tan,

    You can refer to https://tohgarden.com/contact-us/ for a map and directions as to how to get to our farm.
    Thank you.


  25. Hi Julia,

    For the airplant to produce nice flowers, it has to receive sufficient sunlight during the blooming stage.
    Try to keep your airplant closer to windows with sunlight coming in at home so that they can receive more sunlight.


  26. Kindly send me your address


  27. Dear Toh Garden,
    I’m a fan of tillandsia (and just start collecting), and I am looking for the following tillandsia if you have:
    * tillandsia Sister Theresa
    * tillandsia Capitata Domengensis
    * tillandsia Capitata Red
    * tillandsia Elhersiana
    * tillandsia Lucille
    Should you have these genus / species, please kindly advise availability & price.
    I’m planning to visit your nursery this weekend if those are available.
    Thanks a lot in advance.

  28. Pls provide me your farm address and its location. I am a air plant collector and do pls update me your latest air plants at your farm. Thank you

  29. Hi Susan,

    You can find us here;


  30. Hi Henry,

    Unfortunately, we do not have these Tillandsia you’ve mentioned.
    We only produce those varieties that grow vigorously in our climate.
    We usually bring in hybrids in their seedling/small size forms and try to produce them here.
    We continue producing those that grow well and phase out those that don’t do well.
    This is to prevent our customers from buying varieties that die easily in our tropical climate.
    We had complains in the past of varieties like Tillandsia tectorum dying out easily as its not suitable for our climate.


  31. Hi Susan,

    You can find our farm here;


  32. hi, do you sell fertilizers for airplants at toh garden?

  33. Hi Vincent,

    We use Ezi Gro NPK63 for our airplants, yes you can get it at our farm.


  34. Hi! Are you still selling air plants? And what varieties are avaliable? Thanks!

  35. Silverelf , Hi, I live in Manila but I have 2 daughters living in Bishan , Can I order new varieties from you and can it be brought to Manila via door to door delivery or is it permited ? I am a new to tilly’s and would love to have the varierties with different colorful leaves or flowers … what is your minimum number of pieces when I order . Pls tell us me your garden address so I can tell one of my daughters to visit you …thanks

  36. Hi Ray,

    Yes, we are selling airplants.
    We have common varieties like T. ionantha, T. funckiana etc and also some of the hybrids.


  37. Hi Jodi,

    Yes, you can order from us directly.
    There’s no minimum if your daughters are visiting us.
    You can find a map to our nursery here https://tohgarden.com/contact-us/

    Thank you.


  38. Hello:

    I am interested in the jumbo TILLANDSIA XEROGRAPHICA and any other jumbo air plants that you have available. Can these be shipped to the US?

    Thank you

  39. Hi Shannon,

    Thank you for your interest.
    You can visit us directly to select the plants!


  40. Do u sell airplants in bulk order at cheaper prices?

  41. I’m looking for 2 species of Tillandsias.
    1. Tillandsia Diaguitensis
    2. Tillandsia Edithae

    Do you have these species?

  42. Hi Ash,

    Yes, we do provide discount for airplants sold in bulk.


  43. Hello Archer,

    We do not have ex-stock but can bring them in for you.
    Do let us know if you are interested.

    T. Edithae – $44.00
    T. Diaguitensis – $74.00


  44. I am looking at
    Tillandsia xerographi jumbo
    Tillandsia ionantha
    Do you have

  45. yes, we have them.

  46. Hi, do you still carry large variety of Air plants now?

  47. yes

  48. Hi where to see the different kind of air plant available and prices from your site?

  49. Hi Raymond! You can see our list of air plants under our Gift Shop page: https://tohgarden.com/gift-shop/ (scroll to the bottom)

  50. I just ordered a Tillandsia Ionantha Rubra Cluster via Lazada. Please tell me how to water it. The location I plan to put is in an outdoor area but with a roof. Can I keep it under direct sunlight or should it be in the shade?

  51. Hello Elaine,

    Thank you for your order.
    Tillandsia Ionantha should not be placed in full sun, partial shade will be good.
    It doesn’t require lots of water either if you are growing them under shelter as Singapore is very humid.
    Watering it once a week or misting it twice a week will be good in this case. If you are growing them outdoors with good air ventilation, they can be watered daily but should be allowed to be dried out before the next watering.

    Thank you.


  52. Hi Elaine! Thank you for your purchase! We have included a care note in the box. It is fine to keep them outside as we grow our air plants outdoors with slight shade from netting, watering daily due to the hot weather. They grow pretty fast with lots of sunlight! Kindly note that the Ionantha are not in bloom currently and we have shipped the healthiest plants to you.

  53. Can I check how much in general is one small air plant? I am looking at around 30 for an event . How much will it cost if it come with a stand? Thanks

  54. Hi Wanling!

    $2 for ionantha single.
    $5 for twirly metal stand.
    $15 for metal stand with glass orb.


  55. Hi can I confirm if I could visit your nursery for airplants and orchids? Am looking to get my kids to select some for gifts. Also is your nursery suitable for elderly to visit?

  56. Hi Yvonne,

    Yes, our farm is open to the public.
    Our farm is paved with concrete pathways, just to be careful not to slip and fall during rainy days.


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