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Tillandsia ionantha ‘Fuego’ is a little air plant with fuzzy leaves that is dependable and hardy. The leaves of this type can turn brilliant red or orange when exposed to direct sunshine in the morning or early afternoon, depending on the variation. Plant-safe red airbrushing has been used to enhance the appearance of this cultivar. After several months of regular watering, the dye may begin to fade.

The Tillandsia houston is a stunning cross between T.stricta and T.recurvifolia. T. houston combines the finest of both parents. Its rosette shape comes from T. stricta, and its silver hue from T. recurvifolia. The Tillandsia houston features smooth silvery foliage with purple tints when blooming. And those blossoms! Lovely white blossoms with a cotton candy tint.These plants’ color, flowers, and shape make them ideal for decorating.


Tillandsias require no soil, just plenty of water, sunlight, and ventilation. Watering methods include misting 3-7 times per week, submerging 2-4 times per week, and soaking for 1-2 hours once per week. To avoid rot, shake excess water from crevices and allow the plant to dry in 4 hours. As a result, air plants should only be kept in low-light rooms for a short time. They withstand early morning or late afternoon sun, which brings out the leaf colours. Arrange them with sand, sea glass, rocks, or shells, but not soil or moss.


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Tillandsia Ionantha fuego
Tillandsia Ionantha fuego


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